Busted: Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Myths

With the summer knocking, nearly all female gets into a frenzy to eliminate all hair and flaunt a perfect body in skimpy summer dresses and swimwear. One of the latest trends is opting for laser hair removal which can help you get rid of painful and risky methods of shaving or waxing. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding this modern phenomenon which makes quite a sizeable population of the fairer sex shy away from it. Here, we go ahead and debunk some of the most significant myths surrounding this depilation. Stay hooked:

Myth#1: Laser hair removal costs an arm and a leg

This myth is the predominant reason many females do not even bother to look into this process. While we cannot deny that it is indeed more expensive than shaving, but it is definitely not out of reach of most females’ pockets. The saving it brings you in terms of time as well as hassle makes it further worthwhile. Moreover, after about four to five sessions, you tend to experience about 70 to 90 percent less of hair growth. As the procedure is gaining popularity, it is naturally becoming far more affordable as well.

Myth#2: Laser hair removal is permanent

The myth is simply not true. Laser hair treatment slows down the rate of hair growth which means they take longer to grow. As the hair follicles are targeted here, some may not re-grow which means a sparse hair growth. Opting for regular treatment sessions will have your hair growth reduced by anything between 70 to 90 percent which makes your life much more comfortable. Thus, it acts more like a permanent hair reduction solution.

Myth#3: You cannot shave between two laser treatment sessions

It is again a false myth. Based on your skin condition and type of laser hair removal, there has to be a minimum gap period between two sessions. In case you need to, you can shave your unwanted hair. It will in no way affect your treatment in any manner. This is because shaving removes hair from the surface while the laser beams are absorbed by the shaft to target the follicle.

Myth#4: Laser hair removal treatment works for only certain skin types

This was true a long time ago, but with the advancement of technology, it no longer holds any water. Today, you have a range of laser rays to choose from. Each laser beam has certain properties which makes it ideal for a specific skin type. Before an actual laser treatment session, a laser expert doctor examines your skin condition, its tone, your medical history etc. Based on all this information, a specific type of laser beam is selected which causes you least pain and gives you excellent results.

Myth#5: Laser hair removal is unregulated and dangerous

The statement is again untrue. Most state’s Radiation Regulatory Agency regulates authentic centers offering laser treatments. Each of the practitioners needs to be properly trained and certified. The laser treatment is also FDA approved. Hence, you can easily brush away these fears if you are visiting a reliable and authentic treatment center.

Bottom line

Laser hair treatment is an excellent solution to get rid of unwanted hair in a safe and far less painful manner. It also eliminates the need to shave hair every so often. Done after proper research and consultation; it is the best way to bid goodbye to all unwanted hair.


Reasons Why Getting Eyelash Extensions is Not Something to be Ashamed of

Quite a number of females have apprehension about getting eyelash extensions. Some fear that it would look unnatural and take away their natural beauty while still others feel that it would be too heavy and even destroy their natural eyelashes. These fears make them shy away from eyelash extensions and simply look at others with envy. However, technology and innovation have grown by leaps and bounds and today you have the most fashionable extensions that you can get with great ease. They are placed individually and can be tailored to specific needs. Here, let’s look at some compelling reasons as to why getting eyelash extensions is not something to be ashamed of but is rather a proud affair.

They enhance your natural beauty

One of the biggest beauty assets in any woman that a man gets attracted to is their eyes. Eyelash extensions make your eyes stand out and help in creating a mesmerizing contrast between the brightness of the eyes and the darkness of the lashes. They are even trimmed to desired shape and length. Moreover, they are individually placed on eyelashes which give them a more natural vibe. They ooze notches higher natural vibe than the false eyelashes which you stick on the lashes. In the past eyelash extensions gave an appearance of being false by being so big that they would automatically stand out. However, today their vibe is so natural that many women even forget the fact that they have got eyelash extensions simply because of the fact that they look deceptively natural.

You can flaunt them everywhere

Gone are the days when you would resort to eyelash extension for just a party or a visit to the club. Once they are fixed on your eyelashes, they become a permanent feature for a minimum of three weeks. They are worn effortlessly day and night with no difficulty. As already stated, they look so natural that it might be extremely difficult for your friends to spot the difference. The only thing they will notice is the sudden beauty of your eyes. Since you cannot remove the extensions manually, you wear them day and night. You can flash them from anywhere to a grocery store to a happening party. At all places, you would simply be appreciated for your work.

They lessen your makeup hassle

It is almost an inconceivable thought for any woman to leave the house without any makeup. The biggest woe for them is the hours of preparation and time it requires to put on the makeup. The time is extra long as far as eye makeup is concerned. You need time, patience and skill. Eyelash extensions are the perfect shortcut to your eye-makeup. You need not spend hours applying lash makeup since eyelash extensions already ooze that makeup applied look. If you are opting for thicker eyelash extensions, it would look like a heavy makeup is applied. Thus, it can cut on your makeup time by about 30 minutes which can be a true delight. Again you do not have any fears of any smudged or smeared makeup which again works in your favor.

Wrapping up

Given the above arguments, it is crystal-clear that eyelash extensions add to your natural beauty. Eyes can speak infinite words without a single word and eyelashes can be a dominant portion of this speech. Eyelash extensions are nothing but a corrective method to enhance your beauty and vibe.