Getting Rid of Post-Waxing Rashes in North Ogden


Rashes and irritations are the most common side effects of waxing due to the intense force that is applied when pulling out the hair by the roots.  The intensity of the irritation and the rashes will, however, depend on the choice of the spa as well as the aesthetician who will be carrying out the process.

The right choice of waxing spa in North Ogden will depend on the level of experience and qualifications of the aesthetician, the type of wax used, as well as the level of hygiene of the tools being used in the waxing.

If you develop rashes after the waxing, here is a guide on how you will get rid of them:

  • Use of an ointment: Applying a lotion that has ingredients such as aloe vera gel, vitamin E or tea tree will help in soothing the irritated skin and also get rid of the rashes. The above ingredients contain anti-bacterial properties and this means they will protect against the occurrence of an infection on the waxed skin.
  • Taking a warm shower: The use luke-warm water to wash the part of the body that has post-waxing rashes will help in soothing any irritation and also reduce the appearance of the rashes. Avoid scrubbing or exfoliating the skin as this will make the condition worse. You should also use a hydrating cleanser to help in the removal of any wax that may have remained after the waxing hair removal process.
  • Application of a cold compress: Placing a cloth dipped in cold water will help in reducing the irritation and reddening of the skin. You can use ice cubes that will be wrapped in a piece of cloth as well.
  • Avoid excessive touching: Unless when you are applying an ointment or a cold compress to the waxed skin, avoid touching it especially with dirty hands as this could lead to the spread of a bacterial infection.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing: After a waxing hair removal process, you should avoid wearing very tight clothes as this will intensify the friction and the irritation and also make the rashes worse. It is advisable to put on clean and loose clothing after the waxing to help in keeping the irritation as minimal as possible.
  • If you just had a bikini wax, you should avoid having sexual intercourse immediately after the waxing. This is a physical exercise that will intensify the irritation, making the condition worse than it was before.

Exposure of the waxed skin to direct sunlight will also worsen the condition especially immediately after the treatment. If you must go out in the sun, apply a sunscreen lotion to protect the irritated skin.

The rashes that result from a waxing hair removal that has been done in a professional spa in North Ogden will only last for a few days and then clear away. It is always advisable to avoid having a waxing hair removal done when a major occasion is almost due. You should also give yourself an allowance so that if there will be any rashes or irritation, they will have cleared off before the time for the occasion comes.



Eyelash Extensions Insurance in Huntsville

If you operate an eyelash extensions application spa in Huntsville, you will have a chance to transform the looks of your clients which is a great responsibility. However, this responsibility may turn into a liability if an accident occurs and the client asks for compensation. If you did not have an insurance cover, the financial obligations may be too much and may even bring an end to your career as a lash artist.

The following are the most important insurance content that should be included in your insurance cover:

  • Professional liability cover: This will be applied in case anything goes wrong in the cause of the eyelash extensions application. The lash glue could get into the eye, or you accidentally prick your client’s eye when she accidentally moves during the application. These are some of the risks that this cover will offer compensation.
  • General liability cover: This will offer compensation in case a client falls, or trips leading to bodily harm while at the spa.
  • Product liability cover: this will ensure that the client is compensated in case an allergic reaction occurs as a result of any product that is being used in the eyelash extensions application.

You should carry out a background search before making a choice of the insurance company to get the insurance cover from. Some of the insurance companies will assure a client of a huge compensation in case the risk insured occurs but when the compensation time comes, the money that is required will not be available.

The right insurance company should provide individual aggregate for individual clients so that you can remain assured that in case anything goes wrong, the compensation will be issued without any delays or lame excuses.

You can also look at the reviews from customers who have insurance covers in that company to know if they are reliable when it comes to payment. Go for the company that has the most positive reviews as you will also have the assurance that you will be compensated when the need arises as well.

Liability insurance covers are of different types;

Claims-made insurance: this cover will ensure you get compensated ONLY if your premiums payments are up to date when the claim is officially filed.

Occurrence policy: this is an insurance cover that will offer compensation even after the policy has been canceled as long as the incident occurred when the policy was still active. A spa owner may get into a mess that may lead to the closure of the spa and this will mean canceling the policy. If an incident happens during the time that the policy is active, the amount insured will still be payable regardless of the cancellation.

When choosing an insurance cover for your eyelash extensions spa in Huntsville, you should conduct a thorough background search of the insurance companies that claim to offer the cover you are looking for. Commit your money in an insurance company that offers a guarantee of payment in case the incident insured occurs. Failure to do this will lead to financial implications that you were not prepared for in the future. You can seek advice from the more established spas if you are still not able to identify the right insurance company.

Factors that Determines the Cost of Eyelash Extensions Application in Washington Terrace


There are many spas in Washington Terrace that specializes in eyelash extension application. The cost of the services varies from one spa to the other and one will be able to choose according to the budget that she has set aside for the application. The following are some of the factors that will determine the cost of eyelash extensions application:

  • Location of the spa: If you choose to go to have eyelash extensions applications in a spa located in a high-end area, the cost will be higher than what the person who will go to a spa located where low-income earners live. To save more on the cost of the lash extensions application, you can have the lash extensions applied where low-income earners live as long as it is operated by professionals.
  • Aesthetician’s qualifications: When you go to a professional spa and ask for the most experienced aesthetician for the application of your lashes, you will be charged more than the person who will have the lash extensions applied by a less experienced aesthetician.
  • Type of eyelash extensions chosen: the price at which the eyelash extensions will be purchased will determine the total cost of the eyelash extensions application. The more expensive the lash extensions are, the higher the cost of applying them. You should buy eyelash extensions according to the budget that you have set aside for the lash application.
  • Choice of spa: Some spas which mostly offer their services to high-end clients will charge a high cost for the eyelash extensions application. This will ensure that only a particular class of clients comes to the spa who will not mind the cost that will be charged as long as the services offered are exceptional.

When choosing a spa where the eyelash extensions will be applied in Washington Terrace, you should not go for the cheapest as the services could be compromised. Eyelash extensions application is a sensitive affair and any wrong move could cause damage to the eyes. The quality of the materials that will be used in a spa that will charge less will also be poor and this means the lash extensions will not last as long as the lashes that have been applied by a professional.

You should ensure that the aesthetician who will be applying the lash extensions has the right qualifications and experience in lash extension application. You can ask for photos of his previous applications to know the outcome of his services and if you are not satisfied, you can look for another spa within Washington Terrace.

The reviews from customers who have had a chance to have their lash extensions applied in that spa should also be an important consideration when choosing a spa. Go for the spa that has the most positive reviews as you will also have the assurance that the results will be exceptional.

It is important to note that eyelash extensions will require refilling after three weeks which will be an additional cost. The cost will be determined by the extent of the damage where one may be forced to pay a high price if the lash extensions are almost completely ruined. To avoid such additional cost, you should ensure that you will take proper care of the eyelash extensions. Follow all the instructions given by the lash specialist and you will have the lashes lasting longer. There are many professional spas in Washington Terrace that will charge an average cost for the eyelash extensions and still ensure that the outcome is of the highest quality.